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Building Tennis IQ

In this popular course, you will learn the three levels of Tennis IQ and how to use them in your game. You’ll also learn how to use mission-based practices so you can improve quicker. This course also comes with a detailed 5-week practice plans to keep you on track.

Pro Practice Secrets

Finally… a course that shows you exactly how you should be practicing to improve. Most players practice nothing like the pros and in this course, you will learn specific drills and practice games to use for each of the FIVE play situations in tennis.

High Performance Doubles Strategy

Have you ever wondered how high-performance doubles players think and plan out strategy? In this course we take you behind the scenes and on the court with 5.0 level players so you can hear me coaching them and how they and strategize during a LIVE match.

How to Beat the Wimpy Server

Playing a player with a wimpy serve can actually be quite difficult. It is very easy to over hit your return and before you know it, you’re making tons of errors and losing to someone who you think is not even close to your ability. You will learn SIX tactics that work against these players.

The Luke Jensen Interview

Join Grand Slam Doubles Champion and ESPN tennis analyst, Luke Jensen, for this in-depth interview on doubles. Luke answers questions about doubles partners, mental toughness for doubles, doubles strategy, and we even go on court to see Luke’s favorite drills.

How to Beat the Huge Forehand Player

It seems like everyone these days is trying to develop a Huge Forehand. It’s a common and effective playing style for many players. But if you don’t know how to play against this type of player things can be tough. In this course, you will learn 7 specific tactics that work well against this type of player.

Ultimate Tennis Fitness

Join renowned Tennis Sports Scientist Dr. Mark Kovacs for an in-depth look at all things Tennis Fitness. Modules include; Warm-up activities, Prehab exercises, Court drills, Recovery exercises, Flexibility exercises, and Nutrition advice with meal plans. Here’s your chance to learn from someone that has actually coached several top 10 world-ranked players.

Serve Mastery

The Serve is arguably the most important shot in tennis, but many players still struggle with this shot. Inside this course learn how to master your serve with modules such as foundations; spin serves, power serves, kick serves, serve strategy, serve plays, and error corrections for common technical flaws. If your Serve is not the weapon it should be, you should check out this course.