Desk Pros Training

This is the course with training information for the Desk pros that work the front desk at the Dewitt Tennis Center of Hope College.

The Completion Level of Your Training.



Watch This First

How to use this Training Course – Watch Video

1 – TENNIS SOURCE – Desk Pros

POS (Fall 2017) – NEW

The new POS (Fall of 2017) uses a “Hamburger” menu.


Part 1: Payments for Random court or Private Lesson Watch Video

Part 2: Payments for Permanent court time – Watch Video

Part 3: Payments for Programs (Cardio, TTs, Mix & Match) – Watch Video  

Part 4: Payments for Memberships (and more) at Front Desk – Watch Video

Part 5: Payments for Previous Days – Watch Video

Part 6: Payments for JTT Matches – Watch Video 

Part 7: Voiding a transaction (same day) – Watch Video

Part 8: Loyalty Card for payments Watch Video

Part 9: Loyalty Card for Gift Certificates – Watch Video

Part 10: Loyalty Card for partial refunds – Watch Video

Part 11: Paying for someone else – Watch Video 

Part 11: Misc Payments  Watch Video NEW

Starting Your Shift – NEW

Starting Your Shift – Watch Video New

Icons and Symbols – NEW

Icons and Symbols – Watch VideoNEW

Booking a Court

Booking a Court

This section has 3 parts..

Part 1: Booking a court – Watch Video

Part 2: Adding a player to the database while booking a court – Watch Video

Part 3: Using recent lineups – Watch Video

Part 4: Using the History tab – Watch Video NEW

Changes to a Court

Making Changes to a Court

This section has 5 parts…

Part 1:  Moving a court – Watch Video

Part 2:  Change court length – Watch Video

Part 3:  Court features of a Random Court – Watch Video

Part 4: Court features of a Program Court – Watch Video

Part 5:  Editing a court – Watch Video

Using the Wait List

Wait List – Watch Video

Home Travel Team

Home Travel Team – Watch Video

Hope Students

Hope Students – Watch Video NEW

Add Card on File

Add Card on File – Watch Video

Cancelling a Drop-in Class

Cancelling a Drop-in Class – Watch Video

Add a Guest/Member via Add Member Icon

Add a Guest/Member via Add Member Icon – Watch Video

Viewing Member Information

Viewing Member Information – 

This section has 3 parts…

Part 1:  Updating Member Information – Watch Video

Part 2:  Adding a Family Member to an Exist Membership – Watch Video

View Pro Schedules

View Pro Schedules – Watch Video

Daily Notes

Daily Notes – Watch Video

Cash Out – End of Day

Video coming soon…

Cash Out – End of Day – Watch Video

Qualifier Camp

Qualifier Camp – Watch Video

Holiday Pass – College Students

This video shows how to see who has purchased the Holiday Pass – Watch Video

2 – TENNIS SOURCE – Tennis Pros

Taking Attendance

Taking Attendance – Watch Video


Snow Birds – Applying Loyalty card – NEW


This is for when we need to apply a loyalty card credit for Snow Birds – Watch VideoNEW

Booking and Renewing a New PCT group

Booking and Renewing PCT – Watch Video  NEW

Mass Update Court (PCT changes)

Mass Update Court (PCT changes) – Watch Video

Remove Duplicates

Remove DuplicatesWatch Video

Transfer / Move/ Adjust… players

Program Refund cancels the player out of the class.

Program Move takes the player out of all future dates of the class.

Program Adjustment affects the money only – the registration and availability do not change.

Transferring players to other classes  – Watch Video

Misc – Payments

Payments – Special (Misc) – Watch Video

Create New Special Programs (1 time)

Creating new 1 time programs like Cardio Turkey or Academy Days – Watch Video

Tables in Cushy

Tables in Cushy – Watch Video

Copying Tables in Cushy – Watch Video

Our Pros & Desk Pros

Editing the pages for Our Pros / Desk pros – Watch Video

Creating new PRIVATE Group

How to create PRIVATE groups like what Nate does on Tues  – Watch Video

Wrong Family member registered

How to change the name of an incorrectly registered family member  – Watch Video

Switching the Keyholder

How to switch who the Keyholder is  – Watch Video

Search Memberships Sold

For August when we need to know who has purchased their new memberships after we reset them all to Guests.

Watch Video Here

Loyalty Card balance Report

Mark Cook requested this report for the year-end… I gave it to him on June 30, 2020.

Watch Video Here

Entering Fall programs

How to do it… Also need to:

Double-check prices for each session (they vary)

Add the days off under Web Page and then Session Name

Change the ends dates to be accurate

Make the status “Active”

Set the min and max for each session (they vary)

Change the # of courts needed for each session.. (they vary)

Change the Dates to (Oct 17-Dec 22 …etc)

Here is the Video link – Click Here!

Fall members (search and turn off)


  1. Adv search – Members-beta
  2. Search Active members (check it)
  3. Parent Account (uncheck it)

Select: Member Type / not equal / guest

Search fields: First / Last / member type / court rate / email

Limit: set for at least 900

Here’s the link to the video – Click Here!

Membership set up (new year)

This is how I set up the next year’s memberships.

Watch the Video – Click Here!

Prices – How to set them

This is how I set prices for courts and stuff

Watch Video – Click Here!


Court Fees

Class Fees

Weekly Classes

Special Events

HS Coaches


Taking a Racket to be Strung


Dangerous Weather

Injury Reports

AED Usage