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How to Use This Execution Plan

What you are about to go through is called an Execution Plan.

This Execution Plan is where we keep all the videos on our Best of series (for TennisDrills.tv) in ONE convenient location for you.

Execution Plans are designed to allow you to digest all the content and lessons at your own pace, while also keeping track of your progress along the way.

You will notice that we have several LESSONS for you to go through.

These LESSONS contain the same videos we sent you the first month you became a subscriber to TennisDrills.tv.

Below is a short tutorial video we created for you that shows how to navigate this Execution Plan.

Lesson 1) How to DEVELOP a Teaching System?

Every Good Lesson Program has a Definable Teaching System.

Many Teaching Professional do not have a definable Teaching System they use to teach their students. Instead, the pros give individual lessons that are not connected to the previous lesson and pros from the same staff all have their own preferred teaching methodologies and language that they like to use and that is different from the other pros on the same staff.

This is no way to organize a lesson program at a club where there is more than one pro. We like to think of our teaching system as our common language. It has 4 parts, but each pro can use his own personal coaching style within the 4 parts so they can customize their delivery. This is important because too much direction makes the best pros feel like they are micro managed and like they cannot teach using their preferred style.

The main reason to have a definable teaching system is so that the members at the club can all receive consistent messaging from ALL the pros at the club. It is the cornerstone of every great lesson program I have seen.

Our Teaching System has 4 areas that we want all our pros to use when they teach our players. These include…

  1. The 6 Zones of the Court
  2. The 4 Runways on the Court
  3. The 4 Strike Zones in Tennis
  4. The Segmented Swing

In the video below I will show you more details about how we use our teaching system.

Lesson 2) How to SET UP a Tennis Drill

A Tennis Drill is Only as Good as the Pro Delivering It.

That’s why some drill will be great, but if you swap out the pro, it might flop.

One of the biggest mistakes I see when I get into clubs and consult is that far too many pros do not properly SELL the drill to the players. They fail to get BUY IN and this leaves the players wondering why they are doing that drill or what the purpose is.

As the pro, you are the salesman of your next drill. To properly SET UP a drill you need to use the following 7 steps…

1) Getting players to BUY IN – by using the P A S system which stands for…

  • Pain
  • Agitation
  • Solution

2) Demonstrate the drill – The drill must be SHOWN not just verbally explain it.

3) Pros Stay Engaged – You should say something after every point of a drill. This may seem scary especially to younger less experienced pros that might not feel like they have a ton of technical advice to offer yet, but the good news is that your comments to not all have to be technical in nature, they can also simply be statements of encouragement.

4) Do Huddles – these are short meetings at that happen during the drill and typically at the net. This gives the coach a chance to give a quick shot of coaching or clarify something about the drill.

5) Do an Outro – which should include 2 parts…

  • My summary of what the drill was supposed to teach the players, and…
  • Asking players to verbalize something about the last drill was helpful to them.

6) Forecast the Next Drill… This is simply where we make a quick announcement about what the NEXT drill is and what it is designed to teach the players. We often do this just before we let the players grab a quick water break.

7) Have a Great Dismissal – You would be surprised how many ways there are to dismiss a class at the end. Many clubs don’t even has a formal dismissal and the players just wonder off when they think they have picked up their share of balls. We feel that having a proper class dismissal routine is important and ours includes…

  • Group stretching
  • Pro summarizes the class and what was learned
  • Acknowledgements our made about player or coaches accomplishments
  • Announcements are made about upcoming events or deadlines so players can register
  • Homework is given that helps the players with the topics that were covered in the class

If you follow the 7 steps above you will be headed towards becoming a master driller and not just another average pro on the court.

To help you better understand these concepts, we have created the video below that shows me implementing them with a group of players.

Lesson 3) How to MODIFY a Tennis Drill

The Best Pros can Modify a Drill for Multiple Levels of players.

Many Teaching Professional struggle to modify their tennis drills so the SAME drill can be used across a wide range of skill levels. The end result is they throw out many drills that they have labeled to narrowly as being for HP players or for Beginner players.

The secret is that if you apply 6 filters (questions) that we use to modify all our drills, you will be able to add to the total number of drills in your arsenal.

The 6 filters (questions) we ask ourselves about any drill when thinking about modifying it are…

  1. Can we change the feed direction?
  2. Can we change the number of balls? (fewer = more cardio)
  3. Can we change the feed rate? (frequency)
  4. Can we change the feed difficulty?
  5. Can we change the player’s starting position?
  6. Can the drill be changed between cooperative vs competitive?

To help you better understand how we modify tennis drills, we have created the video below that shows me making several modifications to one of our most popular drills.

Lesson 4) How to RUN Large Group Drills

There is an ART to Running a Great Large Group Drill.

Wherever I go to speak, I am asked how to effectively run a large group drills. That means 8-12 players on a single court.

Well, the truth is there is an art to it. As I have traveled all over the world, I realized that most coaches do NOT follow some simple principles of large group drilling and thus their drills are ineffective and players stand around too much.

Below you will see the 6 tricks we use to run great Large Group drills.

  • Auto rotate vs win to rotate
  • Evening the sides
  • Shorter rounds
  • Think outside the “BOX” use court differently (volley alley-alley)
  • Sideline activities
  • Does pro HAVE to feed?

Below we have created a video for you where you see my running a drill with 8 players on a single court and the things I do to make the drill better.

Lesson 5) FIVE Things Every Tennis Practice Should Include

There are FIVE Things that Every Tennis Practice Should Have.

I was in a club recently doing some consulting for their tennis pro staff. One of the questions I asked their staff was “what do you cover in your classes?”

Well, surprise… they all had different ideas and it became apparent very quickly that they were unorganized as a staff.

The really did not have any specific things that wanted to cover in each class so each pro did what he wanted.

This is a recipe for disaster and ineffective classes.

To make sure we include all FIVE things in ALL our classes we have developed something at our club called The Promise… it surrounds the 5 Play Situations that exist in tennis which are…

  1. Serving
  2. Returning
  3. Baseline Play
  4. Net Play
  5. Passing Shots Lobs

Below you will see a video where I cover the 5 things every practice should have and how our Promise helps us achieve that.

Lesson 6) New Drills vs Favorites… What to do.

How Should You Balance New Drills with Existing Favorites? 

The biggest problem most coaches have is that they do not have enough drills and they cannot remember all the drills that have used in the past.

The end result is they use just a few of their same old drills they know well and use them over and over to the point where the students (and coaches) get bored.

Well when someone subscribes to TennisDrills.tv they have a NEW problem.

Now that they have access to more than 1,700 drills they don’t know how to balance introducing NEW drills while still using some of their student’s FAVORITE drills.

It’s a balancing act for sure… But I have a suggestion.

Think about it this way… when you go to a concert of one of your favorite bands, you EXPECT them to play most of their biggest hits.

In fact, you would be disappointed if all they played was only their NEW songs. Changing up your drills is kind of like that.

In the video below I will show you what I think is the perfect balance is for solving this problem.

Lesson 7) How to Shine as an Assistant Pro

Do You Know What it Takes to Shine as an Assistant Pro?

You see many young pros are eagerly awaiting their chance to lead more classes, but they do not realize that their main job is to make the lead pro look good.

Listen carefully, I am NOT saying that assistant means young or inexperienced. I believe anyone who is not leading the class is an assistant pro, even if they might be the boss or a more experienced pro.

I’ve been teaching for more than 3 decades and have logged more than 63,000 teaching hours, but there are still time where I am the assistant like when I sub in for a class that I do not normally teach.

The video below will show you the important things that you MUST do when you are acting as the assistant pro (not leading the class).

Lesson 8) How to Use the Lesson Plan Section

How to Use the LESSON PLANS Section of TennisDrills.tv

Let’s face it you’re busy… Maybe too busy to even look at the drills on TennisDrills.tv that you are already subscribed to…

Sound familiar?

I realize that many of our subscribers are so BUSY that they barely have time to digest the NEW drills on the site let alone all 1,700 videos.

It would take over 80 hours to watch them all.

So here’s the deal… One section that many people never get around to is our Lesson Plans section.

But the funny thing is that that section is what I get the most positive feedback about.

Why?  because the pre made plans make your job EASIER!

So in the video below I give you a brief tutorial about what the Lesson Plan section is all about.

Lesson 9) How to Use the Draws & Mixers Section

How to Use the DRAWS & MIXERS Section of TennisDrills.tv

So I wanted to share a testimony I received from a subscriber a while back.

“Jorge, I never realized that you had a Draws and Mixer Section on the website! I just figured it out and it’s a life-saver because I run a TON of Round Robins & Mixers at my club and it has always been a pain to make up the rounds. Your system that pre populates the rounds AS I type in the names is GENIUS. This has already saved me tons of time and I will be a subscriber FOREVER”  – Thanks Jerry

Just so you know what Jerry already knows… this section of the website features…

  • Draws – for 4-32 players in an Excel format that you can download and save.
  • Round Robins – for 4-16 players in an Excel file that is formatted to populate all the fields as you type in the player’s names. This saves tons of time and allows for quick last minute charges. Use this when you want to have the players to keep their same partners for the entire event.
  • Mixing Partner – for 4-16 players in an Excel file. Use this when you want to have the players constantly playing with different partners.

So in the video below I show you a brief tutorial about what the Draws & Mixers section is all about.

Lesson 10) Killer Ideas for Training Your Staff with TennisDrills.tv

How to Train Your Staff with TennisDrills.tv

I love to hear from our subscribers. But the truth is, we are an online business I rarely get to meet our customers.

But I have heard from several of you how you’re using the TennisDrills.tv website to TRAIN your staff.

Some of the ideas were so great I kicked myself for not thinking of them in the first place.

Just a few of these ideas include…

  • Going through the site together as an ENTIRE staff.
  • Assigning a pro(s) to pick a drill form the site and then teach it to the rest of the pros.
  • Picking a drill and going club-wide with it and using it in most of your classes that week.
  • Taking a drill from the site and going on the court and having one group of pros modify the drill to be more difficult while another group modifies the SAME drill to be easier.

In the video below I cover some of the ideas for how you can use the site to train YOUR pro staff.