Tommy Robredo – Slow Motion


 Tommy Robredo slow motion compilations from the 2014 Cincinnati Masters 1000.

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  1. hank pellegrini
    October 13, 2015 at 7:04 pm · Reply

    Jorge, great video! I’m working with my 12yo son on his first serve…he isn’t ready to use his legs to spring up and into the ball/court-like Robredo and Murray, which i am fine with for now as he needs consistency vs. power. In watching him last weekend, I noticed his toss was such that if he were to let it bounce (not hit it), it would land approx 12″ into the court…the vast majority of his misses were hitting the top of the tape…my thought is, if he can’t/won’t use his legs, then he needs to bring the toss back toward him, so it might land 1-2″ into the court, that way he will be hitting slightly up on the ball instead of slightly down…

    Another question for you…I was a huge Vic Braden fan and learned/taught (30years ago) having ingrained his videos into my memory! one thing that is apparent is that a lot of coaches preach the open stance vs. the neutral (forehand-left foot in front, shoulders facing side line) that Vic taught. I notice kids losing power and accuracy because the often end up taking a step Backwards with their left foot! I listened to both Wilander and Todd martin say that if a pro today has the time to get set up, they would always choose to get in neutral stance-they end up open stance mostly because the ball is traveling so fast, they don’t have time…thoughts? I can’t get my 12yo to believe me that he would improve his accuracy-especially on down the line shots if he would stand neutral…

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Jorge Capestany
      October 18, 2015 at 8:57 pm · Reply

      Hi Hank,

      I agree that the game has gotten so fast that a big part of the reason players use an open stance is because of the lack of time. But others do it because they prefer the feel and the ability to recover quicker towards the middle of the court.

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