Learn How to Run the Best Tennis Event EVER!!….

Tennis Friends…

Many of you have heard me speak before and you may have heard me speak about a cool tennis event that we run at our club that continues to be the best event of the year. It is called the Family Foam Ball Tournament and since so many of you have asked me about the details. I have decided to dedicate this email to giving you the step-by-step program in case you want to try running one of these events yourself.

This event can be run as a fun special event, or it would also be great as a fundraiser for a tennis team. Below you will see several videos that I shot at the last event that will show you exactly what we do so you can easily duplicate it on your own.

Here we go…

Video 1 – is the promo video that I sent out before the event. This was crucial because once people could see with  their own eyes what the event was, it increased sign-ups dramatically. If you run an event, sending out this video or a similar one that you make to your prospects is important and will increase your sign ups a lot.

Video 2 – is the intro to the players that we give on the day of the event. This allows everyone to get a quick demo of what the matches will look like and the format and rules.

Video 3 – is the panoramic view of courts and matches going on. This is right at the start of the event and you can see the energy in the building with so many players of all level.

Video 4 – is titled match play footage #1. This was filmed after the event had been going for a while and shows the various levels of play and that not everyone has to be a great player to play this event. Our divisions are: Adult Open, Adult B, Coed 18s, Coed 12s, Coed 8s.

Video 5 – this is footage from the adult open final. The players are 2 club pros from our club. It is important to have your pros play in the event so that it creates energy and also increases the number of players that will play the event. The fact is, that the players in the Open draw are so good that if this event was a regular tournament, it would have the strongest player field in all of Michigan for the whole year.

Video 6 – is titled doubles action and shows some footage of the doubles play. We run this after the singles draws are completed and there is no additional charge to play doubles. Players can register to play doubles when they get there on the day of the event.

 Video 7 – shows how we set up the refreshments and cake. This is part of what the players get for their $15 entry fee. One thing I forgot to film was the trophy presentations and that is an important part of the day. We do it all at once so everyone gets to see and clap for the winners of the various divisions.

Other considerations…

  •  This event is a non-elimination FUN event. The goal is to get parents out playing with their kids. Even the parents that do not normally play tennis. The modified equipment allows for this.
  • We make sure we start everyone in the same giant main draw to begin with. Then once they lose in that main draw, they filter into their actual divisions. By doing this it creates the opportunity for our young kids to play against our pros. This is always a blast for them and makes the event very interesting.
  • Get your club pros or coaches to play in the event. This is a big part the reason why our events are large and a big success.
  • I promote this event through email blasts to our families, Facebook, end of class announcements, and text messages. I always include video footage of past events in what ever I send out to people can understand what they are being asked to do.

Financial Breakdown…

58 players x $15 = $870


Masking tape for lines = $30
Costco cake and punch = $45
Paper plates, forks, cups = $20
Pro commissions = $300
Total Expenses$395

Net Revenue = $475

I hope you will give this event a try at your club or school. It has been a real winner for us and our members look forward to the event every year.

 Jorge Capestany…  Capestany Tennis Websites.